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Skin Actives Private Label offers science-based products that improve overall skin health while achieving the objective concern of each targeted skin care product. We are committed to your product quality and your company success.

Easy to Get Started

Looking for a quick turn around? We have very low minimums for private label product orders, making it affordable to get your business started.

Advanced Ingredients

Quality ingredients make quality products. We made a promise to ensure that each ingredient or active we use is chosen based on scientific research, not marketing.

Variety of Options

Packaging is important to your brand identity. We have a variety of standard packaging options and a custom components, including custom boxes, induction seals and more.

High Quality

With over 45 years of experience, we are the industry leader in providing the highest quality and most effective products on the market at the lowest possible cost.

Are there minimum quantities?
Most of our products have a minimum order quantity of just half a gallon, but some can start as low as 25 units, making it easy to get your business started.

How much should I expect to spend?
Pricing depends on the options you choose. We will guide you through product and packaging decisions, create estimates, and allow you to create a line that is priced just right for your customers.

When will I get my products?
Our lead times are usually about 2-3 weeks, but you will want to leave more time during the startup process for decision making and design.
Are your products natural?
We have a range of solutions from natural, botanical extracts to lab-made, bioidentical proteins. So whether you want organic oils or synthetic extracts, you know the efficacy is backed by science.