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Skin Firming Cream

Firming products are very popular currently, so we wanted to be sure we had something to offer to our customers. This product features firming skin nutrients in a rich cream base, making it perfect for body, neck, or face. The MOQ for this cream is 1 gallon and can be packaged in various packaging, depending on how you plan to market the product. This cream is also customizable for those that wish to include specific ingredients into their products.

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New Brow and Lash Serum

Our new version of this serum has been formulated to be a more user friendly texture, as well as being clear to appeal to a wider range of customers. This product still features our Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF) & other important nutrients to ensure its efficacy. We have new 5 ml tubes available with a softer brush applicator, as well as a sponge applicator. The MOQ for this serum is 200 units in the 5 ml tubes, but the product is also available for bulk orders & customization.

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Daily Defense Anti-Aging Cream with SPF 30

This new product is a top of the line anti-aging day cream with SPF 30 protection. Featuring our high-tech antioxidant enzymes, this cream will definitely stand apart from the competition. Each unit will come in these stylish airless jars with your logo on them, and then be placed inside a customized box as well. The MOQ for this cream is 50 units.

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