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Our Product Lines

All great skin care lines begin with formulation, but not everyone is an accomplished chemist. Fortunately, with Skin Actives Private Label, you don’t have to be able to tell a beaker from a bunsen burner in order to launch an amazing line!

At Skin Actives Private Label we have a wide variety of pre-formulated products ready to go. All that you will need to launch your own line of these fantastic, proven formulations is your input on design and packaging. Then we can ship to you with a turn-around time that will make our competition blush. This is the easiest route to getting started quickly. Our most popular options are:

  • Collagen Serum
  • Vitamin C Serum
  • Anti-Aging Cream
  • Every Lipid Serum
  • Bright-I Cream

We also offer simplified products, perfect for online sales. Our Skin Actives original products feature a wide variety of eective ingredients. This Basics line of products includes less ingredient variety in order to focus more on the lower price point needed for online sales.

  • Basic Day Cream
  • Basic Eye Cream
  • Basic Facial Cleanser
  • Basic Facial Lotion
  • Basic Night Cream
  • Basic Pain Relief Cream
  • Basic Salicylic Wash
  • Basic Skin Brightening Cream
  • Basic Vegan Emu Oil

Additionally, some of our Skin Actives Private Label formulations can be modified to suit your branding needs. If there are particular active ingredients or marketing keywords you would like to highlight with your line such as: CoQ10, KGF, Paraben Free or Vegan, Skin Actives Private Label can work with you to modify existing formulas to match your needs while assuring your customers scientifically proven efficacy and safety. This takes longer than using our pre-formulated products, but we believe you’ll be surprised how quickly the process goes.

Lastly, Skin Actives Private Label offers the possibility to formulate brand new products that do not currently exist in any market, fabricated to meet standards determined by your needs. Our team of scientists and formulators will work with our sales department to make the product of your dreams a reality while making sure that it both works and is safe to use. Formulating an entirely new product is by far the longest and most work intensive route we offer, depending on the complexity of the product.