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The Process

Launching Your Brand with Skin Actives Private Label

Thinking about your business

Starting a business is an exciting process and Skin Actives Private Label is extremely happy to be embarking on this journey with you. Right now, you are probably revved up with excitement, the vision of your product crystal clear in your mind. The only thing necessary now is to convert these ideas from the realm of the theoretical to the realm of the actual. In order to do this successfully, we’re going to take a second, slow down and consider some things on the front end.

Considering your target market

Who you are planning on selling to will probably advise what you are planning to sell a great deal. Skin Actives Private Label is able to accommodate businesses in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you are planning to sell directly at your local farmers market, distribute to boutiques and spas in your city or utilize a high volume online marketplace like, Skin Actives can work with you to find the right products in the right quantities to help you be a success.

Where do you plan to sell?

Skin Actives Private Label has over 10 years of experience selling all over the world. Any area you wish to sell in comes with its own set of challenges.

Before you proceed any further, take some time and familiarize yourself with the basics of selling in your region. The skin care industry has its own unique set of regulations that vary from place to place. Are there restrictions, taxes, tariffs, registration, or other documents that you should be aware of? Even if you plan on selling through web sites such as Amazon or Ebay, there may be critical information about what you are allowed to sell there and how it can be presented. Your sales platform may even affect your packaging and product decisions so it is important to consider this first.